Ants are found in all ecosystems, and are a vital link in the ecosystem food chain. They scour the land for dead insects and animals to provide for their colonies. They are Mother Nature’s janitors.

In your yard or home, they are a very unwelcome pest. In the kitchen, they get into every nook and cranny looking for the smallest morsel of food.

Four Seasons Pest Control can push ants out of your kitchen, your house and your yard. Our technicians are experts when dealing with ants and ant colonies.

Rest Tonight™ bed bug heat treatmentAfraid to use your bed? It is not easy being the victim of a bed bug infestation. The safest place in the house becomes a nightmare when you wake with bites and welts. As they gain resistance, chemical sprays don’t stop bed bugs effectively in a day. Spraying can take days or weeks, and there is no guarantee the bed bugs won’t return. Plus, chemicals are applied where you sleep, where the kids sleep and near the crib. The entire situation is scary.

There is a solution! Four Seasons Pest Control offers the region’s only one day treatment for bed bug eradication.


Inspection, heat and follow-up

Four Seasons is the first pest control company to offer bed bug heat treatment for affected homes and businesses in our service region. Heat is a highly effective, environmentally friendly way to control bed bugs without using chemical treatment. It is simply the best treatment for bed bugs.

Heat is an innovative treatment reaching all nooks and crannies where bed bugs hide, while keeping your family and belongings safe. Our certified technicians are thoroughly trained to inspect, detect and eliminate bed bugs. They will raise the temperature in your home and treat your entire infestation, destroying both eggs and adults. They will follow-up after the treatment to ensure success.

Rest Tonight™ bed bug heat treatment

Four Seasons Pest Control’s Rest Tonight™ bed bug treatment is the only treatment providing peace of mind in a day. It is a noninvasive procedure that treats the bed, the room and all affected belongings within the home. Leave your stuff and treat everything! Take back the night with Rest Tonight™.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart homeowners ask many questions regarding bed bug heat treatment. If you don’t see your question or if you’re ready for an appointment, give us a call!

I want a restful sleep tonight. How fast can you service my home?

We know urgency is required when it comes to bed bugs. The Four Seasons team provides same-day inspections with immediate treatment. Call us for a scheduling option that fits your need.

Will you fully eliminate the bed bug infestation?

Bed bugs are a serious problem, and your trust with Four Seasons Pest Control is taken seriously. All of our certified bed bug exterminators have undergone extensive training programs. Our innovative heat treatment approach, along with proper follow-up and inspection, ensures we are near 100% effective.

Is heat treatment safe for my belongings?

Four Seasons certified technicians that know how to treat the bed bugs without harming your electronics and other belongings. Homeowners are encouraged to leave their stuff so the heat will treat everything.

Are there lingering effects?

Once the heat treatment is complete, there is a cool down period. Once the cool down period is over, homeowners can return to their normal lifestyle. There are no chemicals involved with the heat treatment itself, which provides a safer home.

What if the bed bugs come back?

While it is unlikely bed bugs will persist after a heat treatment, bed bugs are a pervasive pest. The infestation in your home came from somewhere, and our technicians will educate you on the best practices to guard your home so they won’t return. If they do return, quickly call us so we can help identify the source and eliminate it.

Do you service my community?

Rest Tonight™ bed bug heat treatment service is offered in the following locations and surrounding areas. Call 877-839-5629 for service:

Axton, Virginia

Bassett, Virginia

Blairs, Virginia

Callands, Virginia

Cascade, Virginia

Chatham, Virginia

Clarksville, Virginia

Clover, Virginia

Danville, Virginia

Dry Fork, Virginia

Eden, North Carolina

Gretna, Virginia

Halifax, Virginia

Hurt, Virginia

Madison, North Carolina

Martinsville, Virginia

Oak Ridge, North Carolina

Reidsville, North Carolina

Ringgold, Virginia

Roxboro, North Carolina

South Boston, Virginia

Summerfield, North Carolina

Sutherlin, Virginia

Whitmell, Virginia

Yanceyville, North Carolina

There is more!

Bed bugs might not be the only critters keeping you awake. Four Seasons Pest Control provides a broad spectrum of services including termite protection, mosquito control and general household pest control. 


Predominately known as carriers of plagues, mice and rodents chew through boxes and bags, nest in stored clothes and make noise scurrying about late night in a home.

Four Seasons Pest Control’s best mouse trap is persistence. The Four Season’s technician takes care in the placement of traps and other devices for the capture of common mice and rodents.

Common in cities and other crowded living spaces, the cockroach has gained almost celebrity status among the insect pests. They can breed quickly, grow large and can move exceptionally fast. The cockroach is a resilient and tough insect that spreads fecal matter and disease throughout a structure.

German and American cockroaches are the most common cockroaches in the Four Seasons Pest Control service area. German cockroaches, especially, can be brought into a home inside groceries and stored goods.

Cockroaches can be the cause of asthma in individuals, and are a pest that should be taken seriously for the health of all people inside a structure.

Four Seasons Pest Control technicians are a great weapon for the elimination of cockroaches in our area. They can employ a number of methods to eradicate any cockroach infestation.

In the spring and fall, Stink Bugs turn to homes for protection and warmth. While they are not especially dangerous, they are hard to kill and difficult to combat. They are very prevalent in Southside Virginia and Upper North Carolina.

Four Seasons Pest Control can assist with your Stink Bug invasion. We can also help with Lady Bugs and other seasonal pests.