Four Seasons Pest Control Acquires Bradford Pest Control Co.Glade Hill, Virginia - Four Seasons Pest Control has acquired the Bradford Pest Control Company, Inc. of Glade Hill, Virginia. Bradford Pest Control served the Smith Mountain Lake community, including parts of Bedford and Franklin counties. Bradford was a well-known family owned business serving its communities since 1994.
Brian Bradford and his father started the business 26 years ago. Bradford sought a way to retire last year, and preferred a buyer for his business that would provide a similar level of service or better for his current customers. 
“The Smith Mountain Lake has been good to Bradford Pest Control for so many years,” Brian Bradford said. “Taking care of our customers and providing great service to them means everything. In the end, it was not hard to find the right buyer.”
Bradford held discussions with industry colleague John Adkins, the owner of Four Seasons Pest Control. Four Seasons is a well-known local pest control company serving Danville, Virginia and Reidsville, North Carolina. Four Seasons maintains an outstanding customer service reputation.
“I knew Brian and his team provide a great service in the Smith Mountain Lake community,” Adkins said. “When we started talking about Bradford becoming a part of Four Seasons Pest Control, the natural fit was apparent. The transition has been smooth. Both of Bradford’s service technicians are being retained, and the Four Seasons team is looking to expand our service and pest control options to Smith Mountain Lake.”
Bradford Pest Control customers also win. In addition to pest and termite treatment services offered by Bradford Pest Control, Four Seasons Pest Control offers a mosquito control service, moisture and crawlspace control, and a state-of-the-art non-toxic heat treatment elimination system for bed bugs. For convenience, Four Seasons in Smith Mountain Lake now accepts credit and debit card payments.
Four Seasons Pest Control’s Signature Service combines both termite and general pest control into one plan. This is a new option for lake residents. Signature Service provides annual termite protection, termite damage coverage, and uses Sentricon System Solution®, the #1 brand in termite production, for controlling termites. Sentricon uses an in-ground termite bait system that minimizes treatment runoff. This system is very popular for lake homes. General pest control protects from common household pests, and provides an external cobweb removal service for lake home eaves and overhangs. 
Four Seasons is very careful about how it applies different types of pest control products. This is important for a lake community that takes water quality issues seriously. The firm takes a green approach and uses the latest tech and strives to exceed industry standards.
Four Seasons Pest Control provides property owners the most effective pest management with a focus on safety, customer service, and comfort. The firm remains up-to-date with the latest products and newest methods of pest prevention. Since 1998, the firm has grown to include 14 employees. It is a Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce member and a Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce member serving Reidsville, North Carolina, Danville, Virginia, and Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.