Four Seasons Pest Control can take care of almost any pest you can imagine. We protect families and properties from over 50 different pest types. Our general pest control services take care of ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, fleas, and many other common household pests. We can also protect you from mosquitoes, termites, and creepy bed bugs. 


Our technicians are highly trained in current pest control methods. They have families, too. They’ll treat your home as their home, and protect kids and pets.

Proven Record

Four Seasons strives to provide the best pest services. We’ve won awards. We have a great word of mouth. We have the reputation that you’re looking for.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re done when you’re happy. We won’t rush service just to get to the next call. Our technicians are diligent and through.

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

General pest control makes homes happy and functional. If you don’t see your question or if you’re ready for an appointment, give us a call!

How expensive is Four Seasons Pest Control?

Four Seasons Pest Control can provide property owners with spot treatment or annual service. Cost is dependent on the pest, the specific infestation with the property, and goal of the property owner. Generally, Four Seasons is competitive with other pest control services while providing superior responsiveness and pest management technology.

Are your pest treatments environmentally friendly?

While Four Seasons believes in the safe application of pest control products. Your pest control technician will explain what is being applied for your particular pest issue. Our customers can work with our technicians to apply products in the safest way possible while being effective at eliminating the pest.

How fast do you respond?

Our service technicians are very responsive. They generally try to visit your property within a day or sooner.

Do you remove wildlife?

Four Seasons Pest Control does not remove wildlife such as bats, opossums, raccoons, or squirrels. We can recommend someone in your area that can remove wildlife as permitted by North Carolina and Virginia law.

Four Seasons Pest Control provides a broad spectrum of services including our Signature Service, mosquito control, and bed bug control. Call Four Seasons Pest Control at 877-839-5629 or inquire to sign-up today.