To get rid of subterranean termites, you need a bait they love even more than wood. That's how the Sentricon System targets the termites.

In side-by-side tests where termites could choose between wood and the Sentricon bait, termites actually preferred the bait 14 times more than wood! And better yet, termites like the bait even more as it ages, cracks and gets moldy.

The bait, a part of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology, protects homes when it is installed inside Sentricon System stations placed around the perimeter of the home. Termites discover the bait, feed on it and then deliver its slow-acting chemistry to the termite colony.

The active ingredient in the Sentricon bait, Noviflumuron, disrupts termite molting, thereby eliminating the entire termite colony. This includes the queen.

Routine termite control uses liquid termite treatments. This method attempts to block access to a structure by applying up to hundreds of gallons of insecticide into the soil around the foundation. This method creates a barrier around the home or business.

A barrier only kills subterranean termites that attempt to access the structure underground. It only kills the foraging "worker" termite scouting for wood. This method does not kill the queen or the colony.

The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology offers a better way to protect a structure by eliminating the termite colony altogether by using a baiting system. The Sentricon System enlists those same foraging termites to carry bait material back to the termite colony as food for their nestmates, which then eliminates the entire colony, including the termite queen.

A termite queen can produce millions of termites over her lifespan, and her death effectively kills the attacking termite colony.

Installed by a trained Certified Sentricon Specialist®, a series of Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology bait stations, typically placed about ten feet apart around a home or business, contain enough bait to control multiple termite colonies.

The system is proven effective. Dow AgroSciences has proven that the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology eliminates entire termite colonies. The bait has been tested both in university studies and real-world use on homes in all regions and against multiple species of subterranean termites.

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