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Nestled along the Blue Ridge Mountains, Roanoke is home to many residents and, unfortunately, a variety of rodents. If you've been dealing with these critters around your home or business, it is crucial that you find a trustworthy team to handle the situation effectively. Luckily, our Roanoke rodent control technicians can help.

At Four Seasons Pest Control, we bring decades of experience to the table. We understand how unsightly and unnerving it can be to discover these pests in your living or working spaces. From spreading harmful germs to chewing through essential wires, rodents can cause significant damage and pose health risks.

Our team is well-equipped to manage and eliminate these pesky intruders. We utilize advanced techniques and tools to handle the issue. Whether it's a minor nuisance or a more significant infestation, you can count on us to restore comfort and safety to your property. 

Don't let rodents overrun your space—reach out to our team today for reliable and efficient rodent control services. Call (540) 721-7340 to set up a rodent control service in Roanoke, VA.

Common Rodents in Roanoke

There are many rodents common to the Roanoke area, and they are frequently found all around Virginia as well. 

Examples of common rodents in the area include:

  • Common house mouse
  • Field mouse
  • Norway rat
  • Woodrats
  • Roof rats

No matter the type of rodent, our team at Four Seasons Pest Control can handle the issue. With years of experience and training, we can implement a targeted strategy to resolve your rat or mouse problem. Our tailored solutions mean that each unique situation is addressed with the utmost care and precision, aimed at providing you with peace of mind.

How to Keep Rodents Away

There are several key steps to take to keep rats and mice out of your home or business.

Methods to keep rodents away from your property include:

  • Seal cracks and holes: Ensure any cracks and holes in your property’s exterior are properly sealed to prevent rodents from entering.
  • Store food properly: Keep all food stored in airtight containers to eliminate potential food sources for rodents.
  • Maintain cleanliness: Regularly clean and declutter your home to remove any potential hiding spots for rodents.
  • Maintain your outdoor area: Regularly trim vegetation and remove debris around your property to minimize rodent habitats.
  • Use rodent-proof materials: When constructing or landscaping, use rodent-proof materials to create a barrier against rodent entry.

While our team at Four Seasons Pest Control is available with high-quality tools and methods to deal with these issues, these steps can help deter rodents from coming into your home. Nevertheless, if you ever find yourself dealing with rodent problems, our Roanoke rodent control technicians are happy to help with a thorough inspection and tailored solutions.

Our Roanoke Rodent Control Team’s Process

Our process for addressing rodent issues on customer properties involves three key stages:

  • Thorough inspections: We meticulously examine your property to pinpoint possible entry points and hiding spots for rodents. This involves checking for typical signs of rodent activity, such as gnaw marks on furniture or food, droppings, and urine stains.
  • Customized treatment: Based on our findings, we develop a detailed pest control strategy tailored to the specific circumstances and extent of the infestation. Our approach is to address the unique needs of your property.
  • Ongoing monitoring: After implementing the initial treatment, our skilled technicians will regularly monitor the area to confirm that all rodents have been removed. We also offer additional treatments if necessary to ensure your property remains rodent-free.

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Our team uses state-of-the-art techniques to protect the safety of your home and family. Let us protect your property and provide peace of mind with our reliable rodent control services.

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