Controlling moisture in and around your home is important. Moisture attracts wood destroying insects, mildew and mold, which cause structural rot and wood decay. Excessive moisture not only affects the structural integrity of your home, but it also affects the health of those living inside.

Four Seasons Pest Control mitigates moisture issues in homes and other structures using the Crawlspace Care® system.

Water penetrates a structure in a number of ways. Condensation, high humidity, ground water and wet outside foundations will eventually permit water to accumulate in crawl space.

Crawlspace Care does not use a single method to control moisture. It uses a combination of techniques that continuously work to remove excessive moisture in your crawlspace.

Temperature/Humidity Monitor

A temperature/humidity monitor has a base unit and a wireless remote unit that measures temperature and relative humidity in the crawl space. The remote unit is placed in the crawl space, so conditions can be monitored easily within the home.

Interior Drain Systems

Good drainage provides a traditional method for crawl space water removal. Drains typically lead to a sump and sump pump for removal from a crawlspace. The water is then discharged from the home.

Exterior Drain Systems

Controlling water pooling near a home’s foundation will greatly reduce the moisture entering a crawl space. Exterior drain systems direct water away from a structure’s foundation.

Floor and Wall Liners

Thick 8 mil and 6 mil floor and wall liners cover the crawlspace floor and are sealed. The liners prevent moisture from wicking up through the soil and into the crawlspace.

Gutter Extensions

Helping to divert even more water away from a home’s foundation, gutter extensions provide an additional layer of diversion of water away from the home’s foundation. They are especially effective in a heavy rain.

Learn more about moisture control in your crawlspace at Crawlspace Care.